Monday, March 13, 2006


I’ve these made since January – about sixty pork plums in all; stashed in my freezer. It takes about half and hour to thaw, then I deep-fried until golden brown, served with Thai sweet chilli or prickly ash. Makes great finger food.


This recipe originates from Cheong Liew, and it’s called Prawn Plum. Over the years I have made the prawn the filler, and the pork more prominent; thus I call it Pork Plum. It’s akin to “Ngo-Hiang” (Sarawak) or “Loh-Bak” except no 5 spice-powder is used here.

The ingredients used are pork, prawn, water chestnuts (crunchiness), carrot (for colour), spring onions and sheets of bean curd skin, and sugar and salt to taste. As for the exact quantity, I usually improvise as I go along, depending on the quantities available at hand.

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