Sunday, April 02, 2006


If you're ever in Sexy-Bull, do check out the Kingwood Hotel’s bakery. It’s located opposite the backside of the hotel at the esplanade. I think it mainly caters for the hotel’s need. The production run is not that big. Their buns are mainly for local taste…if you’re looking for western hard crust buns and baguettes, you’ll be disappointed.

width="100"While in town I picked up these little gems…… little ‘cos they are tiny buns compared to the normal size varieties – ‘bout 3” square. For RM1 they come in threes or fours depending on the selection. I bought 1.Kaya bun 2.Cheese bun 3.Peanut Coconut bun.

Kaya” is egg custard jam for the uninitiated. The kaya filling for the bun is egg- custardy, more like the one found on Chinese egg tart, but still retaining the coconut cream flavour. The Cheese bun has cheese and coarse sugar sprinkled on top of the bun – a cheesy taste and crunch in every bite. Crushed peanuts sprinkle on top of the buns, and toasted coconut shavings lends a twist to this old coconut bun favourite. The thing ‘bout the buns here is that they are more refined than the normal run-of-the-mill stuff you find from your local baker. Besides, they can be downed in a gulp or two.

I usually go at ‘round elevenish in the morning – when they are fresh out of the oven. Don’t be too late ‘cos they are known to be snapped up in a jiffy.

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