Sunday, May 14, 2006



  • 1 bunch of Kangkong (water glorybind)
  • 1 thinly sliced clove garlic
  • 1 ¼in. thick Quarter coin size belacan (shrimp paste)
  • 2 chillies (sliced)
  • Cooking oil Salt

  • I use the leafy parts only, discarding the lower half of the stems. This dish is fried on high heat rapidly.
  • Pour about 4 tablespoons of cooking oil around the wok near the top of the rim, and let the oil slide down to the bottom of the wok; thereby coating the whole wok.
  • Dump in the garlic, chillies and belacan. Stir quickly to crumble the belacan, and not to burn the garlic.
  • Before garlic turns brown , put in the kangkong. Toss it by scooping from the bottom, and turn it to the top.
  • Add about a ¼ teaspoon of salt (amount depends on the saltiness of the belacan).
  • Dish out once all the vegetable is coated with the belacan oil (usually less than a minute).
  • Don't overcook, or the vegetable will be limp and yellowish-brown in color.
  • It helps if you have one of these high-pressure burners at home........


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