Monday, June 05, 2006


Kampua Mee w/ Dark Soy Sauce

This is the quintessential Foochow dish. It is the equivalent to what Kolo Mee is to Kuchingnites. Basically, it is boiled alkaline noodles mixed with pork lard, light soy sauce, MSG, salt, and garnished with chopped spring oning and fried shallots, and not forgetting the fake Cha-Sui (roast pork). The difference between Kampua Mee and Kolo Mee lies in the manufacture of the noodle, and also 'style' of cooking; some people prefers soft noodle, where it is boiled for a longer period of time (as in "Ang-Kow's" next the fire station). Traditionally, Kampua comes in 'light' (light soy sauce) and 'eng-luck' (with chilli sauce) variety. In recent times, dark soy sauce comes into the picture (as above). It is accompanied by a bowl of pork soup and processed chilli sauce.

Too Knua Th'ng

This cafe is located opposite Masland Methodist Church, and beside the former Public Bank's office block. If I'm not mistaken it's on Island Road. The noodle is al dente here, and the finely chopped fried shallot (freshly made and crunchy) and spring onion make a whole lot of difference.

The Too Knua Th'ng (Pig's liver soup) is divine. It consists of thinly sliced raw liver bathed in hot pork broth (very much like the way beef is cooked in phó) with Chinese red wine. Notice the liver is still pinkish in color (above). [Worry not, the liver was still in the process of being cooked]. This time I brought my own moonshine!

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