Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Pi Pa Duck

Wen Wen Café is the newly renovated café opposite the Methodist Town Church in Sarikei. It’s brighter and more welcoming than before, and also there is an addition of a Muslim stall beside the Kampua and roast duck stalls. It’s the roast duck what this place is all about.

JB ROAST DUCK DEALER, as the name card says, is run by the Tan family, formerly from Johor. It’s famous for its Pi Pa Duck, which is roast duck that is deep -fried before serving to give it the extra crispiness. I tried the chicken curry on this trip. It’s like Chinese home-cooked curry with potatoes, dried bean curd and eggplant. Its other roast meat (Char-Sui & Sui Yuk) is nothing to shout about. It was doing a roaring business (mostly takeaways) the day I was there.

Mr. Tan, Jr., did set up shop in Kuching at the RH Plaza (BDC) at the coffe shop facing the church. There were more bookies and punters there than patrons.... after a few months, he moved to the coffee shop next to HK bank, Sibu. That also lasted a few months. It's Kuching's and Sibu's losses.

Chicken Curry

The new management of the café does an excellent job spiffing up the place, and introducing new drinks like the ones below. These are home-grown fruits (from the vicinity), and Sarikei is famous for its orchard..

Sour Sop and Dragon Fruit Smoothie


Daniel Yiek said...

Amazing to find a food blog posting on Sarikei. Kudos!

Checkout my Sarikei website at http://sarikei-time-capsule.blogspot.com/

Kong-Kay said...

without seeing your website, i didn't realise the open air market has been transformed. visited the new market twice on the last trip, looking for dragon fruit, but was using the back road.
Amazing you can find so much to write on a town. better get a second job with your council to promote the town!

Daniel Yiek said...

Kong Kay,
Check out the link to your article here that I hv put in my kam pua posting. I expect some readers will pop over here. Who can resist a food review of their hometown? More Sarikei food reviews, please!


fred said...

I'm one of those readers that pop over here... Do you have the cafe front pics? I cannot recall which shop was that. going to try it when I'm back home... :)

Kong-Kay said...

sorry, fred, no pic. if you're refering to this cafe, the church is on the left and the cafe is on the right as you enter the town. i think there is a maybank on the next block. it's the 1st shoplot in the town proper.

Daniel Yiek said...

Opposite Methodist Church. What Kong Kay means is the direction if you drive into town. For an old timer like me, I tend to think from the river as the entry point. :)

The smoothies looked v delicious! I want to try it too.

Kong-Kay said...

thanks, dan!

Maxwell Sim said...

well...the char siew is still the best in the rajang basin... and for a while in sarawak...until that Safari place in Kuching came up... anyway...nice of you to post a blog on sarikei food... maybe you should include a kompia tastning session as well..

Maxwell Sim said...

as for the location of the shop, yeah..there should a Singer centre, a bakery, a bicycle repair shop. As for the smoothies, I think my cousins really decided to go into fusion dining in Sarikei..ahhaha

Kong-Kay said...

as they say in kuching:"liak-bo-kue" (catch no ball). what safari place, singer centre and bicycle shop? how many kompia shop can you round up? not a friend of bonkersz, are you? even he doesn't speak cryptically...


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