Sunday, June 18, 2006



Turkey Breast

4 tbsp Mayonnaise

2 tbsp Sweetened Creamer

A dab of Wasabi

2 tbsp Lemon Juice


2 Large Eggs

Button Mushroom (diced)

Chilli (deseed & diced)

Pinch of Salt & Pepper

Tomato (sliced)


  1. Mix mayo in a bowl. Adjust the wasabi (Japanese horse radish) to your liking.
  2. Cut turkey breast into thin slices.
  3. Incorporate 1 & 2 together.
  4. Beat eggs lightly and add a pinch of salt and pepper.
  5. Heat non-stick frying pan. Add oil, and fry chilli and mushroom. When done, spread out over the pan before pouring in a thin layer of egg. Flip over once you're able to slide the egg.
  6. Take 3 pieces of bread: Spread turkey mayo evenly on one. Add lettuce on top before topping with another layer of bread.
  7. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on top of second bread. Assemble omelette with tomato slices on top. Top off with the last piece of bread.


Evil Jonny said...

Awesome site, I love the graphics and content. So is it true that in Malaysia turkey is called white man's chicken, or is my Malay friend just pulling my leg? ;-)

Kong-Kay said...

thanks, yours is a looker as well. your friends are playing with your drumstick. we call it 'fire chick' in local terms 'cos of its red head, i presume.

Anonymous said...

Hi, like your blog. Can I check which brand of Mayonniase did you use, is it the Japanese Mayo or the normal Kraft Mayo ? Also which brand of Sweetened Creamer did you use ? Thanks.

Kong-Kay said...

it's kraft's for the mayo, and milkmaid for the creamer. if overseas (aust. & u.s.), i think carnation is the only one i can find in the supermarket.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, will try it out. Kids always complain my sandwich is not as nice as the ones sold outside. Wonder if it has to do with this Mayonaise spread.

Have a good weekend.

Kong-Kay said...

for kids, i'd lay off the chillies, and go easy on the wasabi, unless you want flaming tongues and steamy noses. have a good one yourself.


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