Wednesday, July 05, 2006


This café celebrates its 30th anniversary June this year. I was introduced to this Kolo Mee stall as genuine Foochow Kampua Mee because it’s a Foochow family’s operation (originally from Bintangor). Actually they sell Kolo Mee here.

I mentioned ‘stall’ before, because they started off in a small ‘push-cart’ stall on the curb-side of the present café, and the family was renting space upstairs. There were only a few tables available for customers then. Today, they bought the shop and have expanded to selling pork porridge and Kueh Chap.

I usually order the dry wonton (“kiaw” by Kuchingnite, and “pian-nit” by Foochows) with chilli sauce nowadays. It’s marinated minced pork wrapped in thin wheat flour square wrapper. The wontons are boiled in hot water until they float to the surface. Then they are mixed with flavoured cooking oil, light soy sauce, msg and chilli sauce, then garnished with chopped spring onion and fried shallot. It’s accompanied by a bowl of clear pork soup. Like most Sarawakian wonton, the meat content is miniscule. I think we coined the phrase: “Where’s the meat?” long before Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?”

I notice that it’s a tendency here for Kolo Mee orders to have “pang ang” (literal translation: putting in the red) i.e. Red fat drippings from the roast pork (cha sui). If you think of it, how much can a few strips of cha sui generate each day? They are using the cha sui oil by the vats each day. I assume they simply use cooking oil mixed with red coloring and maltose, because their cha sui doesn’t have the roasted look – more of a red dye paste-on job. Think of Red No. 2 the next time you dig into a Kolo Mee pan ang. It’s not just here…it’s a practice everywhere in Kuching.

* Located at the junction of Jalan Sekama and Jalan Kueh Siak Hong

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