Sunday, August 27, 2006


Austin Powers will get a kick out of this Cantonese sounding coffee shop. (Remember Fook You, Fook Me?) It's an "old school" dim sum joint, which has been in existence since god knows when. "Old school" because its recipe has remained the same as old as times, as evident in its pau. No H.K. Flour here. Even its menu selection is limited to big pau, small pau, soi bee, hai guo, lo mai kai (glutinous rice chicken). There's a prize for those who can find shrimp inside the hai guo. The difference between soi bee and hai guo is in the wrapping only: Rice flour vs. flour. Despite its shortcomings, it still has its clientèle and the breakfast crowds are still there.

This coffee shop used to be at Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, which is opposite the General Post Office (It has a photo of its former glory hanging in the present coffee shop).Then along came this maverick lady who offered the whole row to evacuate at RM1 million each, when the going price was RM350,000 and buyers were still hard to come by. Well, she came in with a bang (she introduced dynamite to bring down a mere 10 storey building (Ang Cheng Ho Building, next to the Holiday Inn) in Malaysia; a first) and left in a whimper. Well, everyone was grinning like a Cheshire cat all the way to the bank. But all the wealth can't buy one's happiness; one of the sons was a casualty of FIFA World Cup many years ago; listed as MIA now!

The shop is located on the second shop from the intersection of Jalan Pandungan and Jalan Song ThiAn Cheok.


Small Pau


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