Tuesday, September 12, 2006


If you happen to be in Sibu on a weekend, join the volunteers of the Sibu Benevolent Society on their Sunday's Beggar’s Route. It's a one-hour ritual, where a group of volunteers, make their rounds at the Central Market collecting food (meat, veg., fish, etc.) that feeds inmates at society's home for the whole week.

The home is a non-profit institution, with a little grant from the government and a lot of generosity from the folks of Sibu, and has been functioning for over half a century. It cares for folks (old and young) who are mainly forsakened by their families. Don't ask why? A few catholic nuns and paid workers help run the place. It's a non-faith institution and accepts whatever help it can get. Even the Taoist temple, Tua-Pek Kong, contributes rice and food that their faithful offer in their rituals.

The Sunday collectors are divided into groups, with its group leaders bearing a bell. Like an ice cream man/woman of days of old, the bell is rung to notify their presence. A few tag-alongs help to carry the donated stuff in rottan baskets. The route I took covered the meat and fish market. The generosity of the vendors is to be commended. Shoppers alike did their part; some bought cup cakes, eggs and other items that are not normally collected.

Have you done your good deed this week?

"Champion" from the previous night was the leader of our chain gang

Haul For The Week

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