Saturday, October 28, 2006


Otak Cheong Fun (Spicy Fish Paste Rice Roll)

After a couple of days of disappointing early breakfast, finally asked the hotel staff on where to have decent meals around where we stayed. Killiney Road was suggested. It was a short walk from where we were. The first row of old shop houses after the post office has an array of coffee shops. The first few ones serve the old-fashion toast and egg, but the last one of the block seem different, and it wasn't that pack then.

True to its name, it specializes in 2 dishes only, with variations thrown in the works. The oddest is its durian cheong fun; you heard right, Durian! Not wanting to spoil the start of the day, opted the next oddity.... spicy otak. Its Cantonese porridge is cooked in a vat with a large paddle. All its preparation can be seen in its open kitchen concept.

Frog Leg Porridge

The glutinous rice balls soup is not something you find in Kuching everyday except on its festive day. This is something refreshing!

Sesame Seed Glutinous Rice Balls Peanut Soup

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