Tuesday, November 07, 2006


If this looks like an advertorial for some cheesy product..... well, it is! I don't see how I can present this without sounding too patronizing floozy. Let me put things into perspective.....

I learnt of James' endeavor into baking from his neighbor. He's just been put out to pasture, and with the kids out of the house, what's a guy to do other than pottering around the house? This is not the first time he's put on the apron; he used to help his late mom fry Murukku during festive seasons. His mom was renowned for her curry powder.

I find the cheesecake a bit rich, when you're the only one consuming most of the cake. According to James, he uses 500gm. of cheese for his 8x8, without any sub. or filler. Some of you in Kuching might have tasted his creation before if you had purchased any similar stuff from some churches' charity fair. If not, you have to call either 451973 or 016-8887213 (since he only operates from the house) to satisfy your curiosity. Mention my name, you won't get any discount nor I, any commission, but a blank stare!

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