Thursday, November 16, 2006


Batu Kawa is outside the city limits: This is Hakka territory. If you speak the dialect or Mandarin, it will be a plus. Otherwise you have to resort to sign language. It's a bit like entering the Twilight Zone when you're.... it's hard to imagine that the city is only a 10 minutes drive east, yet the place seems 'removed'. This place is renowned for its pork meatballs (Bak-Enee). There are a few coffee shops selling the same stuff, which I have yet to find in Kuching. Its secret remains largely intact within the parameter of this village.

This is the second last shop on the right side of the street, next to the Telekom building. It's a family run business, with the old granny still doing the busing. This is the 'better-off' in the block because it could afford to take a hiatus of 6 months while the whole row of wooden shop lots were demolished for reconstruction.

For the soup, you have a choice of meatballs, meatcake and stuffed fried taufu. I had a mee kosong (plain noodle) with the soup. For those who like hot stuff, upon request, you can have chilli padi with limequart and soy sauce to accompany the noodle and soup.

When things gets too hot, you can always drown down with a bottle of old fashion soda; the venerable cream soda. The drinks share the same recipe as those from Sibu's Ngo Kian's bottler. This cheap drink is bottled at the 7th. mile Penrissen Road, towards the infamous hospital for the 'unwell'.

'Uncooked' meatballs and cakes can be purchased by the weight.

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