Sunday, January 07, 2007


There's is nothing special about the ice cream here, but it's a bit of history here that beckons folks to this place time and again; one might have 'pak-tow' here over an ice cream cone one time or the other, and inducted their children, and grandchildren, or even their great grandchildren to this place. It holds a piece of nostalgia for most of us.

Most of the time, 2 flavors are served. It's a toss up between vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and pandan. Besides ice cream on cones, there are banana split, floats, peach Melba, ice cream bread sandwich and an assortment of cakes to be had.

This place is operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and it closes from dusk Friday to Saturday dusk in observance of the Sabbath. See the guy on the top left? That's Wilfred. He's responsible for keeping the machines running and the blades sharp, so that the ice cream comes out smooth. He's been at it since the mid-eighties, according to Sharon. Besides, he's also an antique motor vehicles restorer. Notice the ol' Merces and the Bellini and Vespa, plus a pile of junks waiting to be restored in his garage? Up next is an Austin Morris Ten series M; going through welding and the works now.


Sim said...

hi there...just stumbled upon your blog...i am wilfred's daughter and have started up a facebook for lovers of sunny hill ice-cream (we LOVE sunny hill ice-cream:). would love to put up a link to this page if you dont mind:)

Kong-Kay said...

sure, why not... i think it's about time to do a refresh with better photos plus write up.

Shiv said...

I remember Sunny Hill Ice cream from 1971 and 1972 when I was living in Kuching. Am back here now on work for 24 hrs and wanted go to the place. Googled it and it got me to your blog. Really disappointed it is closed to tonite. Will have to come back again on a non Sabbath day.

Kong-Kay said...

Try tomorrow after sunset... remember never on a Friday and Saturday daytime.


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