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This restaurant was chosen not for its Shanghainese Food, but rather for the fact that it serves none-kosher fare. This is one of Lok Thien's various outlets within the block; the other being Japanese & Thai (kosher), and another ordinary Chinese restaurant. Besides, this one offers quiet and privacy with its 3" thick door of the private rooms.

Sin dinner? For one, PeTA will be after our hides or fannies for what we had consumed. Our first course is banned in some countries 'cos of its age. Sorry, Babe!

Suckling Piglet

Left instructions, when I made reservation and pre-ordered the food, that the food be served immediately once cooked. True to its assurance, the piglet's skin was crispy and crunchy. It was roasted and then deep-fried before served, like the Pi-Pah Duck. Better than crispy pata. It's taken with the Hoi-Sin dip and pickle to "cleanse" the palate.

Pickled Cucumber and Carrot

After the skin slices were eaten, the piglet was taken to the kitchen to be chopped into pieces, and then served again for its meat. It's the best 'porky' there is, without any hint of fat.

Sushi Platter

Next we had an array of sushi from the Japanese Restaurant. That's the beauty of this restaurant... you can have any food from its other restaurants brought to your table. However, it only works one way, ie. kosher food to non-kosher restaurants, but not vice-versa.

Steamed Soon Hock

This was followed by steamed fresh Soon Hock fish. They have given this fish some fancy moniker, and thus the higher price. For all I know, this fish used to be callled "Cha-Kong-Hu" ie. "retard" in Hokkien. Who's the Cha-Kong now?

Assorted Mushrooms with Broccoli

For penance, we went for a Buddhist dish for total absolution of our sins. It consisted of thick Foochook/Tau-Poi (soy bean skin), assorted mushrooms, broccoli and ginko nuts. No sooner was it eaten and forgotten, the killing began.....

Pour In The wine
Live Shrimps & Red Wine

Shake It!
Getting the Shrimps Drunk

Drained Of Wine And Into the Claypot
A Little Broth

Flame On!

A Few Toss

Viola! Drunken Shrimp

All I can say,PeTa, you don't know what you're missing!

Assorted Thai Sweets

Finally it's the offering of sweets to the deities, as in the "Tnee Kueh" offering to the gods during Chinese New Year, so that they can whisper sweet nothing into the ears of the "higher-ups". These are Thai desserts consisting of water chestnuts, tapioca, rice flour and coconut concoction.

KIONG-HEE-WHAT-CAI TO ALL! Those in the U.S., Happy President's Day!

BONUS DISH (another occasion, another floor): Baked Shanghai Shrimps with Cheese & Mayonnaise

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