Wednesday, April 25, 2007


If François Truffaut could have Day For Night, why can't I have breakfast for dinner? Well, it's one of those lazy days when all you want is a quickie.... out of the freezer and into the frying pan. Oh, boy! I love the smell of bacon in the morning (or any time for the matter)! You know what's so good about this meal? You can forget about breakfast tomorrow 'cos you already had it last night.

In a hot pan, put in 2 tablespoon of butter and one clove of minced garlic. Put in your sliced French loaf as shown over medium heat. Mop up all the butter, shear the bread, and you're done!

Meanwhile, heat up a can of baked beans in another sauce pan.

Lay out the bacon on the pan without grease; fry to a crisp over medium heat.

In another pan, do your sunny-side-up on low fire.

Using the grease from the bacon, do the sausages (mine are Danish pork franks; can't find brits bangers). Jiggle the pan so that the bangers roll and get seared on all sides.

There you have it.... as good as eggbaconchipsandbeans!

Choo-choo! Sputter! Choke! Cough! Sputter! (It's gonna be a slow week!)

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