Saturday, May 26, 2007


Didn't intend to have mee suah here because I heard the stall here serves 'great' Pak-Tin (black herbal soup); 'great' meaning generous portion, because the person who told me of this place and the lady of the stall belong to the same clan - Chiang Chuan. Well, the Pak-Tin was not meant to be; it was one of those alternate Pak-Tin off-days. So we settled for the chicken Mee Suah. I think poached chicken mee suah is a fail-proof noodle, which can be remedied with additional red rice wine (with more of the stuff, you eventually can't tell the difference).

This upper floor eatery is an airy spacious place with a nice view of the Rejang River. Below is the express boat terminal for the upper-Rejang travelers. Pity it was almost deserted when we were here that morning. According to the lady the Pak-Tin is popular with the Ibans. So what do you know? There are people who are more appreciative of this Pak-Tin than I do; I've tasted it not more than a handful of times.

During one of the trips to Sibu, I once had this guy sitting behind me at the Kuching's airport lounge; he was like yakity-yak, none-stop like a Chabo, with another Chabo, who was quiet most of the time. When it was about time to board, he said: "Let's behave like Sarawakians, and be the first in line." (It's a no-frill, first-come-first-served airline). And they both scuttled to the front with the senior citizens. Sounds like Lam-Pah, Pah-Lang to me! (Oxy as in Oxy5 - the half-assed brethen of Oxy10, the acne buster, and Moron - moron as moron gets). If you think who it might be, it might be you... think 8/12/06.

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