Friday, May 25, 2007


Guo TÍé

It's been months since I last ate at this place... well, its last incarnation as Thien Court. It has since under gone a major revamp. Instead of just one entity (an open food court), there are now several enclosed individual restaurants, namely Japanese, Indonesian, Hongky, Chinese and Western and a watering hole.

I was here the night before looking for the old Thai iced dessert but to no avail; I think it's still available within one of the restaurants. Anyway, I had a quick run-through of what was on the menu in the various outlets. While browsing the Japanese menu in front of the restaurant, the waitress scurried out of the empty restaurant to greet us saying: "Masay! Masay!" I immediately retreated and say: "Paisay*, paisay, just looking at the menu!" *Hokkien: Sorry (embarrass).

Siew Mai

Slept through lunch, I was back on a late afternoon before they stopped serving Dim-Sum (at 4). This outlet is basically the same old Dim-Summy under a new funky guise. Still Halal and pork-less. Our waiter kept up with his heavy accented Teochew, which would have raised a few red flags for some people. A Teochew Ah Teo is the same as a Cantonese Ah Tiew, so WTF! Some poor sod has to do the waitering!

Char Siew Bao

By all accounts, the food is the same as it was before; if it's palatable then, it's palatable now. Except....

Har Kau

Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Beef

...for this plate of fried flat noodle - over-fried with burnt-bitter taste... and sorry sickly looking state too!

Kui Ling Kao

I might be wrong, but the food seems to be pricer than before.

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