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Fried Tomato Koay Teow

Buntal, Oh, Buntal! Like the puffer fish, you're so full of air but nothing else. This sleepy village by the mouth of the Sarawak River and the South China Sea (30 minutes drive from Kuching) has gotten quite a reputation for its seafood. Truth be told, in all likelihood most of the seafood is imported from Kuching, and there's no catch of the day and you 'd probably get better choice in Kuching and fresher too. I for one won't come here to dine unless invited, or am staying at the nearby resort. It's the case of the former that I was here that rainy afternoon. I've never been to this restaurant before, and it's the only one open on that particular weekday.

Fried Oyster Omelet (O-Chien)

It's all in the family operations, with pop taking the food order, the daughter taking care of drinks, mom and other ladies in the kitchen, and lil' toddlers lugging the chairs here and there. When we were the early ones, the owner had the luxury to take me to the kitchen to select the fish (some in ice pack and some frozen). As more patrons started streaming in, they couldn't even handle a simple order of drinks.

Fried Calamari with Curry

The food was o.k. and a bit pricey (basic cost of food x 2.2). The O-Chien wasn't crispy. Well, it wasn't a good day to come out here to start with: it was raining heavily; tree got blown down, obstructing half the road, and on the way back, there was a smash-up at the Satok bridge, causing an hour jam.

Steamed Pomfret With Ginger, Chillies and Sour Plum

Still, I wonder why people take the hassle to journey all the way and back for such mediocre fare.

Fried Midin (Ferns) with Belacan

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