Thursday, June 07, 2007


There is this Munchkin from Rawang that arrived the other day; first thing he did stepping off the plane was headed straight to the movie house for Spiderman 3 (couldn't get good seats in the big city, he said). Next on the agenda was to set up a "bullock" - check! Laksa was next; For 3 consecutive mornings we had Laksa breakfast at 3 different places: Uncle (Sing) Café, Tat Soon (all previously reviewed) and finally this - the mother of all Laksas according to some people, depending on whom you speak to.

This place has the dubious distinction of having Anthony Bourdain laying his derriere on one of its seats; the only thing missing is a plaque that says: "Bourdain dined here!" Seriously, this Laksa is up to stuff - possibly one of the best of the best!?! One can't fault this stall's consistency to quality. Notice the chicken chunks, shrimps and delicate omelet strips.

Verdict: Uncle's the best, according to the innocent boy's unbiased judgment 'cos it's not too spicy for him to drink the whole bowl of the soup. Sweet!

You can't miss this place. It's a lone shop house dwarfed by the Grand Continental Hotel sitting just next door. The coffee shop is popular for its toast and soft boiled eggs in its on right.

*The lady serving the original laksa has hung up her apron.


Anonymous said...

I could have eaten the laksa out of the fotos!!!!!!!

babe_kl said...

i wished i can fly there now and have a bowl!

Kong-Kay said...

anonymous: there's this edible ink and paper that you can use, like the type they use for cakes.

babe_kl: it's a bit late now for laksa. try tomolo morning.

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know what the receipe for Sarawak Laksa at Choon Hui Cafe is?


Kong-Kay said...

i'm not an all-knowing sage... go buy the swallow brand laksa paste. i hear the old fellow is hanging up his apron. don't buy the imitation, by association to the clan.


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