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For an obnoxious sounding name, the whole process of making the noodle from scratch by the Shantungnese, is theatrical. The noodle itself beats any commercially-made ones; freshly made the moment you order with no lye water used. The spare rib soup is flavorful, but like all street food it's a bit rough on the edges. For a RM3.50 bowl, it's worthed the price of admission to the performance already.

The order of
Xiao Lung Bao (small dragon buns) somehow looks different from the ones on the menu; If Xiao Lung Bao is Twiggy's, then this one is Pamela Anderson's, comparatively speaking. Its skin isn't the translucent type. However, it tastes good for its RM3 value.

* There are other Dim-Sum to be had, probably next time... unless these Chinese nationals get deported like the batch at King's Centre. This eatery occupies a corner of the 4½ Ml. Everise Mall.

Happy, Lui Moong?


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog spot recently. It is absolutely fabulous to see all those food again from (mostly) Kuching.

I miss the flavor and style of food being prepared back in Kuching, especially laksa and kueh chap. Living offshore, it is always different to taste similar food but of Cantonese styles.

I envy the accessibility you've & frequency of eating out at those stalls/hawker centres ... keep up the "tasty" food photos! They just make me crave more, damn! ☺

Claudia, Australia.

Kong-Kay said...

thanks for dropping by. i've something from sibu and sarikei soon, once i get it written. you do get a variety of asian food in sydney as well. there are thai kueh chap at pitt st. (grace bros.) but awful.the laos or cambodian mixed meat noodle soup down dixon st. food court is quite similar to the carpenter st. stuff.the bakso mee at uts is as close to our kolo mee as it can get. the hainanese chicken rice at one of the chatswood's mall is pretty good.i think nonya kueh can be bought at haymarket. you only have to be adventurous.

Anonymous said...

You lived in Sydney before? Cool! I know all the areas/places you just mentioned but not of its specific stall. This Cambodian mixed meat noodle soup, is it the one that you need to go up the stairs at Dixon Street?

I saw you were preparing Pho, the Pho here is absolutely delicious as they are prepared by Vietnamese chefs.

Looking forward to seeing more of the photos yet to be posted by yourself.


Kong-Kay said...

it's a corner eatery down the basement. it's the second stall on the left. it's one block before the upstairs eatery you mentioned, if you come from haymarket side. most of the streets i know how to get there, but if you ask me of their names i'm fuzzy. 'cos on weekends i used to walk from broadway all the way down pitt/george and back, or the other direction towards newtown.


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