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Loh Ark with Braised Egg

This place's specialty seems to be braised duck and chicken. Of course there are other chicken dishes (though limited) to choose from. Loh Ark is what I always come for. Adorning its wall are photos of poultry farm and the fowls; guess it's its own produce. I've been here several times in the evening, and it's mostly deserted; I think the staff outnumbers the customers.

The ¼ duck we ordered costs RM12. The egg is extra side order (80 sen). The duck does not entail any strong smell of five spice powder, star anise or cinnamon; it lets the flavor of the duck and the soy sauce do the talking. Complimentary peanut soup is provided. Don't expect much from its Belacan Kangkong (RM5) as it was microwaved fried. The drink you see on the left is liquidized cucumber (RM2.80). Damage for the evening inclusive of rice and drinks for 3 came to RM28.

I always manage to park my car in front of the café (late lunch or evening). It's farther down from AmBank if you're coming from the direction of the Padungan/Central Rd./Abell round-about.

Fried Belacan Kangkong


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the information. Just called "Dixon"? I will give it a try and I'll let you know. By the way, what does FYEO stand for?

OMG, can't resist the picture. I'm cooking the mushroom chicken tomorrow! :o)

Syd, Aus.

Kong-Kay said...

that's what my bro. said, and i'm just passing the info. For Your Eyes Only.

Anonymous said...

I'm puzzled. What does that mean, For Your Eyes Only? Isn't it a 1981 James Bond film? Or do you mean it in something else in hokkien rather? ☺


Kong-Kay said...

that's exactly what it means; nobody would understand for whom or what that message is for.

Tua Ong Chui 'King Of Mouth' said...

We were there for lunch and dinner last Friday. Lunch was crowded but surprisingly food and service was fast and don’t expect 5 star hospitality for a hawker price. Indeed the place is very clean (graded A as stated by MBKS on their wall) but parking need a little effort during office lunch hour, the same as other famous eatery hole. Manage to find a number of parking spaces at the back lane of the shop and the staff was kind to spare me a parking coupon.
My mom and I had their original Pak lo duck with fragrant rice (Rm 5.80) with pak lo egg (Rm 1.00) and duck gizzard (Rm1.20) and Chinese tea (Rm1.00) for lunch. Their original Pak Lo duck meat is surprisingly delicious, tender and juicy compare to most BBQ duck meat in kuching, which is more dry and harder to chew. Second to my moms home cook pak lo duck but even my mom like their pak lo duck meat. Got to know the secret of their ingredient after my mom boasted that she could cook better to the Taukey, a young chap from the west. They use local fresh duck from kuching farm (as shown on their wall) unlike others BBQ duck outlet which uses imported frozen duck and they also produce their own five spice powder not available at any store and each duck is individually slow cook in a special pot for almost two hours. My mom told me that local fresh duck are more expansive and healthier and of course fresher due to local duck take longer to mature bcos it is free from antibiotic and grow hormone.
Dinner were pleasant due to less crowd and ample of parking space and with 5 extra mouth to feed, we order their other specialty Taiwan Wine chicken (dry steam with wine and oyster sos), Clay pot Pork leg (black vinegar with oyster and mushroom), K.L curry and rendang chicken (full of spice flavor) and freshly boiled Kangkong with fried pork lark sambal belacan (this one is hot) and stirred fried Cangkok Manis with egg and ikan bilis. My mom tried their weekend only Kacang Ma ‘Duck’ (first in Sarawak) which is strong in white wine and local herb, recommended only for those strong stomach. All this food is wash down with their pure fresh cool cucumber juice. The only draw back of this almost perfect dinner was the lack of round table for big family of more than five, we have to opt for smaller rectangular table join together and also don’t forget to asked for their tasty blended chili (10 ingredients) which only being given upon request to avoid wastage.
Finally total bill for a very sumptuous dinner of six adults
Rm15.00 quarter pak lo duck duck,
Rm 2.20 set of duck liver and gizzard
Rm 2.00 pak lo eggs (two)
Rm 13.00 pork leg (double portion)
Rm 9.00 taiwan chicken (double portion)
Rm 10.00 curry rendang chicken (double portion)
Rm 5.50 kangkong (medium portion)
Rm 5.50 cangkok manis (medium portion)
Rm 6.50 Kacang Ma (single portion) for mom
Rm 6.00 fragrant rice (6 bowl)
Rm 18.00 cucumber (6 glass)
Rm free of charge all you can drink duck peanut soup.

Final Verdict from ‘Tua Ong Chui’ is a must for all duck meat lover and for those who has duck smelly phobia this might be a cure. Value for money for tastiness, quality ingredient and cleanliness. Best time to dine is evening. Location is in the city center, a bit far for those like us who is staying 7 miles away. Hope they open a Branch near Kota Sentosa at 7th mile.

Kong-Kay said...

walau-ai! they don't call you a big mouth for nothing...
the longest comment i've ever seen. start your own blog to do advertorials of your own.


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