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This is an old goldmine town, on the outskirt of the city. Legend has it that after the first white rajah put down a Chinese miners rebellion, a stench lingered and hence the name "Bau" (smelly in Malay) came into being. Nowadays this place is more of a tourist attraction for locals and foreigners alike.

A decade ago mining activities were revived, but they came up empty. In the process, more arsenic was dumped into the old open mine pit. Thus the red sign post (left) is erected. Anyone interested in testing out Stan Lee's theory of how super heroes came into being can jump into the blue lake.

I was here for the food more than anything else. (Yeah, yeah, didn't I just said I wouldn't travel to far out places... la-di-la-di-la!) It's been a year since I was here the last time. Far out places like these sometimes spring a surprise or two.

Black Pepper Venison

Buttered Shrimps

Sambal Baby Corn

Century Egg Cold Tofu

Chow-Chai Cou Rou

The food tasted as good as they look , especially the cold tofu, which was like straight out of the fridge - cold from the tofu to its sauce. All the above costs a mere RM60 for 4 persons, inclusive of drinks. There are a few house specialties that you have to order in advance. Might give it a try the next time, if I can find its phone number.

This place can be reached by taking the road leading to the Blue Lake from Bau town; As you approach the folk leading to the lake, take a left turn (the lake is on the right). This tiny road leads to some housing estate (Taman Mutiara), and on its opposite right you'll see a row of shop lots on a slope; this is it. You can use the old Bau road from 7th. Mile, and it's on a road the left with a quarry on the right, after the Nirvana cemetery.

Gunung City Restaurant
Sublot 25 - 27
Senggi-Poak Land
Jalan Jambusan


As the name implies, it's all about nothing! Kongkaying is like grasping in the air - more like hot air with occasional fartulence. Hopefully, something aromatic will come out of it! If not...

May the Farce be With You!


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