Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This is one of the few established Too-Kar-Pñug in town (call it Lau Chio Pai if you will), being the fact that its food are sold out before lunch time. Kuching folks have a habit of taking rice early in the morning for breakfast (excluding Malays' nasi apa-apa?), and by early I before 8, when all the pork and its accessories are cooked, and ready to roll. (How do I know? Well, they say, early dog catches the bones... which I get from the mini-market, 2 shops down for Topanga).

This Teochew chap is as famous for his
Too-Kar-Pñug as the Lau-Tár (retired), found opposite Bishopsgate, Jln. Song Thien Cheok, Palm Rd. and Pending (he was a bit of a wanderer). He has his start at the alley next to the Hainan Association at Carpenter Street before moving here a few years ago. Like all good things, they are gone in a jiffy, so come early or you'll miss the boat. Lunch is out of the question. This coffee shop is the 3rd. shop from the Chinese arch.


Ditto said...

Very good foods blog, certainly not kong kay for Kuchingnans especially those who have been away. This Too kar p'ng was one of my `staple' those days, we used to call the owner ` La kia too'(no offence to anyone)in 70/80s when he was selling at that little alley next to Hainan association

Kong-Kay said...

if you think this blog is worth your time, cast a vote on the side bar. melbourne was commenting how come your readers don't vote for you, ah? think not what kongkay can do for you, think what you can do for kongkay in return! ate some sago worms in sibu last evening.


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