Thursday, July 05, 2007


Roast Duck & Roast Pork Belly Noodle Soup

This was a weekend lunch; it's one of those times when you're early, you'll catch the fowl. In fact all the roast meat items were available that day, as could be discern from the hung poultry and meat displayed on the noodle kitchen's window. Like I mentioned in the earlier post, this is its first of its 2 outlets in town. And it has just had a spruce over of its interior recently. But still its ventilation system leaves much to be desired; you'll still be coming smelling like some oily fried noodle.

One thing commendable about this place is that it's not Alang-Alang on accompanying condiment for its dishes, like fired chilli oil, plum sauce sauce and the likes. The only thing missing is the Lai-Thóng (Soup of the House) that comes with the roast meat rice. However, they do give, when requested, some watered down soup of unknown origin with fried garlic bits.

Roast Duck & BBQ Pork (Char Sui) Noodle

Roast Duck & BBQ Pork (Char Sui) Rice


ducklover said...

Do you know of any place in Kuching that sells roast duck akin to those found in Hong Kong?

Kong-Kay said...

if h.k. noodle house is not Hongky enough for you i don't know there's any close to that in Kuching. you can try wan nurn bbq specialist at jln. padungan farther up from hk noodle house. it doesn't have the fried chilli oil sauce though.

ducklover said...

I've lived overseas (Australia) for more than a decade and miss the succulent roast duck served in the HK restaurants in the Chinatowns there. Why can't we get similar offerings here? Is it because of the quality of the local birds because I'm sure the preparation method/ingredients can be imported right?

Sigh...anyway, HK noodle house is the best there is in Kuching la I suppose... I do love their fried chilli oil sauce though, FANTASTIC!

Kong-Kay said...

bring your own chilli sauce wherever you go next time so you won't be without it... that's what my brother's friend does. the duck are imported west malaysian ones 'cos they are the cheapest compared to local breed.


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