Friday, August 03, 2007


I'm gonna take a peel from this Top Banana in its method of analysis - call it EMC (Ego-Manic-Chef) methodology, if you will, 'cos we hillbillies have a thing or two to learn from this son of the golden mountain. I think he's covertly working under the payroll of our toilet deputy minister. Sometimes, it makes you wonder if the toilets US of A are paved with gold nuggets or something, also the country's the food mecca of the world. Hmmm, it's too much for us hillbillies to digest!

This eatery is part of the Farley group the runs a supermarket/departmental store, shoe shop, bakery and coffee shop. It has an eclectic menu to suit the local taste; ranging from steak, fish & chips to fried rice and noodles.

Surprise! There's beef here, having been told otherwise by Café Café... it may not be prime cut from U.S.A., but Uruguay, and it tasted just as good. Our waitress name might be Julia Roberts or Jessica Alba (Dayaks' surnames are derivatives of fathers' first names)... Akai-Nai!!! She's not even Caucasian, and it makes you wonder if the Western food is authentic enough. Worse still, the chef goes by the surname of Wong if I'm not wrong. According to the EMC's barometer, its food is doomed for failure, having failed the ethnic test.

In this town, you have to evaluate food for its "value-for-money"-ness above everything else. Substance is more important than content. If you take a microscope and scrutinize everything to its minute detail for authenticity, most of them will have to close shop. Comparatively, this one fares better than
Café Café in the sense that it doesn't try to pass off frugality of food as something chic. The thick slab of fish fillet didn't suffer the "dryness" and "shrinking" effect as Café Café's. The only gripe is the tomato in the salad - I'm sure there are ripe red tomatoes in town rather than those yellow orangy ones used. One other thing, beware of the "large" drink; if you've the stomach fot it, it comes in a liter jug!

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