Friday, August 24, 2007


The morning we left Pelagus Resort, the chef followed us in one of the boats. Wonder what the Italians were having for the day without the chef proper? They relish nasi goreng so much, I think that was probably what they would be having.

The Laksa left was what the Penang friends ordered the day before. Unlike the one in Kuching, it has all sort of stuff thrown in: pig's blood, sausage, char-sui, alkaline cuttlefish, fishballs and tofu. I guess it was good; Semua hentam-sai!

The main market displayed a variety of interesting local produce unique to this part of the region from vegetables to wildlife. That was what our lunch was going to be...

We had made prior arrangement for our lunch the day before through its sister-coffee shop - also called Chong Seng.

The Terong Fish Soup with a hint of belacan is akin to the
Sinigang ; it's the round orangy eggplant that gives the soup its sour taste.

Sour Terong Patin Fish Soup

The Percha is a vegetable that smells and tastes like Bunga Kantan with a slight minty flavor.

Chicken Fried With Pachra

The local venison, without the tenderiser, is divine; just fried with garlic, ginger, onion, chilli and green onion.

Fried Fresh Venison Meat

This is how wild boar is meant to be eaten... fried with just garlic and salt, au naturel - not with any herbs like most restaurants would do. There's no heavy flavor one comes to associate with wild boar; just lean and smoky.

Fried Wild Boar

This is a local fresh water fish; it has a lot of fine tiny bones. The flesh is delicate and soft. It's steamed without any soy sauce added, just salt to bring out it natural flavor.

The fish goes for RM80 per kilo in the market, and it's not the most expensive fish from this region.

Steamed Semah Fish

This last dish is a local vegetable; it looks like spinach but a lot coarser and it's bitter.

Stir-Fried Ensabi With Garlic and Anchovies


LPPL said...

wow!! kapit also has such a big crowd huh.

Kong-Kay said...

that's the welcoming committee for our arriving party. medeka speedboat race event, lah!


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