Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I accompanied my father's friends, all from Penang, to the Regency Pelagus Resort, which is an hour's speedboat ride from Kapit, for a night stay. Apart from the 7 of us, there was an Italian couple, who arrived earlier in the morning for a 2-night stay. We had the resort to ourselves!

We were met at Kapit's jetty by our boat-driver, who wears many hats, which we soon found out. The journey to the resort was exhilarating enough - shooting the rapids, and I've never seen so many rocks in a Malaysian river before. The resort, which sits on a luscious green forest, has a majestic view of the rapid. On arrival, we were greeted by the full-regiment of the staff - giving us welcome drinks and face towels. The boat-driver gave us a brief intro. of the place, and introduced himself as the operations-manager. We fixed the lunch-time at 1:30 p.m., as we had something to eat in Kapit during the brief stopover.


Our chef, Chef Reduan Bin Zaini, was brought in from Bintulu, from its sister-hotel (The Regency Plaza Hotel) to cook for us; otherwise, their in-house cook manages simple meals.

Do excuse me if I get the names of the dishes wrong.. I tried to get the menu from the chef that evening; due to my verbal skill (or lack of it), he gave me the recipe to 2 of the chicken dishes instead. If you read Malay, I'll email those who want them.

Hot & Sour Soup with Borneo Eggplant

Umai (Raw Fish Salad)

Ayam Goreng Berempah (Fried Chicken)

Stir-Fried Beef With Onions

Assam Fish with Terong (Hot & Sour Fish with Borneo Eggplant)

Stir-Fried Midin (Stir-Fried Curly Ferns)


Late afternoon, we went jungle trekking along the riverbank. The trail is a tiny 2½ ft. path with a steep drop to the rapids below.

We had pre-dinner drinks prior to dinner at the deck; we brought our own 4 bottles of wine and a whiskey (no corkage). The evening's highlight dish was the Ayam Pinsoh, Chicken cooked in bamboo's cavity.

Chicken Soup

Steam Patin

Ayam Pinsoh

Mixed Vegetable

Fried Paku

After dinner entertainment was quite something else... the percussion section comprised of operations-manager onwards down. Our waiter slipped off his uniform, and on with the loin cloth; instantly he was transformed into a Dayak warrior, and was doing the Ngajat. After a few drinks, whatever inhibition was left was tossed out the verandah.


Initially, toast, butter and jello with coffee and tea were served. We thought that was it. We were wrong....

Nasi Lemak With Curried Chicken, Paku and Anchovies-Peanuts

That was just the start of the day's culinary adventure; we had something planned in Kapit for our return journey...

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Jinul Ailling said...

i really missed this place


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