Saturday, August 11, 2007


This is a yearly two-week (I think) event hosted in conjunction with city day. This is my first time in many years because of this blog. In the early years, rental of the stall was free, and contribution was up to the discretion of individual stall. Nowadays it's a money making event, rental's up and so is the price of the food sold. Parking is bad and so is the security of the parking area. A friend has a wheel stolen from her Myvi, even when she parked under the lamp post.

Most of the stalls here have businesses in the city, and that's why I don't come here for the inflated prices. However, there are a few gems here like the fried dumplings sellers, who just mastered its making in Miri and haven't sourced out a place in the city yet to set up stall. The Otak-Otak is another one. The Korean stall has a restaurant at the 3rd. Mile Area. The biscuit is quite similar to the Chinese variety. The chicken skewers are quite garlicky like Kim Chi minus the sourness. The chicken nugget with curry leaves is another Taiwanese creation. It's one of those Ku-Ku Quai-Quai things that makes coming to this food fair worth the while even though expensive.

Korean Biscuits

Korean Chicken Skewers

Fried Paus

Fried Wo-Tiak

Ian-Su-Chi (Salted Chicken Nuggets)


A Pyramid Otak-Otak On A Skewer

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Chen said...

I was in Kuching last year during the Kuching Food Festival, but didn't have the chance to visit the festival..

Kong-Kay said...

if you're a tourist, the festival is a good intro. to what kuching has to offer in terms of food, but not the true picture though.

Anonymous said...

hi there

may i ask which stalls u got the fried wo-tiak and fried paus from?


Kong-Kay said...

it's the first few stalls as you enter from the swimming pool entrance. i think it's next to the sharkfins soup stall. an elderly couple sell them.


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