Sunday, August 12, 2007


Went visiting our distant relatives at the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre again. As usual we stopped by Swee Sen Café for a bite and some refreshments. As we had a heavy breakfast before embarking on this mission, we just settled for 2 bowls of Kolo Mee .

For those who haven't read the earlier post on this place, this first corner coffee shop at the 10th. Mile Bazaar, now called Kota Padawan, is famous for its big-size fresh shrimps and home-made fish balls/ shrimp balls Kolo Mee. (See above) Beneath all those Char-Sui, shrimps, fishballs,
shrimp balls and wonton is a bundle of noodle. It used to be RM6 for a bowl like this, but I didn't get to pay the tab this time (it was taken care of by Tim while I was out taking shots of the exterior. He said it was cheap, by his standard).

I was told by Khim Chui (middle pic. below) that the shop has been in existence since 1962. I further kài-pó and ask if he knew of any Wongs, who lived down the road ages ago. I drew a blank... you're not that notorious in your old neighborhood, eddie!

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Desmond said...

Good Luck in the AllMalaysianBlogger Competirion

cooknengr said...

Ai yah, you did not mention JKR Lo Bong lah. That Khim Chui is now one of the Prominent Chinese of Sarawak of course cannot remember lah, tiaw keh see meek :)

Kong-Kay said...

same to you too, desmond. thanks.

Kong-Kay said...

it's either him or you. that's the way it is!


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