Sunday, September 09, 2007


After the heads up by DeV|LisH, I headed to MJC for brunch (our governor's birthday, yesterday); of all the eateries, this one seemed to be the most populated - a sure sign of its popularity among the populace. Yes, DeV|LisH, the brother of the Green Road Kolo Mee is there - even during the day!

Like most eateries it has its share of run-of-the-mill stalls. Kolo mee certainly wasn't on the mind ( just had one yesterday), so opted for the Bak-Kut-Teh (Ah Z) 'cos the items on display resembled Astro (macam-macam pun ada); aside from the spare ribs and pork belly, there were liver, mushroom, intestine and even pig's blood too! The soup was above average, and not too herby for its own good. Cost: RM5.50 incl. bowl of rice.

The pre-cooked food on the chaffing dishes at one of the stalls looked too appetizing to be ignored. Looked like they just came off the wok, all in their glistering wonder. All items are price tagged, so at least you'd know what you're scooping yourself into before you bust your piggy bank. Those 2 plates costed RM10.

Fried Fish, Sambal Fried Long Beans & Bitter Gourd with Egg

Fried Kailan, Sweet & Sour Pork And Stuffed Tofu


DeV|LisH said...

oh ya i do know they open during the day but if weekdays u go rite? only his stall and another one open. So not promising :p prefer the green road itself though unless it's nite time then of cos MJC the place.

Ever tried siang siang tabuan jaya kolok mee? also nice but then maybe i had too much of it at times so kinda bored of it. But his son's stall at chopstick foodcourt at pending that one i think much nicer than the dad's at tabuan jaya.

DeV|LisH said...

Oh ya intro others for u as well la don't say kolok mee aje hehe

1) claypot rice at thompson's corner tabuan jaya ( 11am onwards for lunch hour time, no more night time after they close one section of the food court)

2) Ah chey laksa at jin ming cafe sekama. Somewhere behind culture inn.

3) Char siew/curry rice at Loke restaurant or we call him Uncle Planta near padungan road. Few shops after the police station. U wouldn't miss it with the planta advertising in front of the stall's name. But pricey and curry chicken available on sunday only but best char siew. If want to taste char siew then go before 10am to avoid disappointment.

4) Bishopgate's mixed soup. Hard to give location but it's not kim joo definately. Only welcome for those willing to wait as they have a good biz and never ending customers.

5)Fook xing restoran at ellis road. Used to eat there for dinner as the pricing really damn cheap and food is nice. But they moving soon to sekama area soon.

Kong-Kay said...

quite a mouthful you got there. only go for the penang shrimp mee or loh mee at t.b. xiang xiang. done bishopgate and jin ming laksa already. been to fook xing long time ago; open to option. will look out for loke restaurant. there are places that are not on my route on the weekday. keep feeding me some unlikely places and food. not the same old same old. thanks a heap.

DeV|LisH said...

no prob but hui sing matterhorn nice kah? cos my cousin who's a fans of matterhorn he said the best is at rubber road / palm road liao i lupa. But it's at old rex cucur udang cafe. That one he said got the best matterhorn. How good that's for you guys to taste since i prefer song kheng hai's sugarcane coconut juice :D

Kong-Kay said...

it's hard to pinpoint which food or dessert is the best. it's all down to individual preference. the best today might not be so tomorrow. that's why the more variety you eat, you expand your horizon. even the worst of food you've got to give it a bite, or else you wouldn't know what is 'good' and what is 'bad'. speaking of rex cucur udang, the ipoh rojak is something different.


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