Monday, September 24, 2007


Relyeno Bangus

This restaurant, operated a Filipina who's married to a local, has been around for quite sometime. All the staff are Filipinos, so all pinoy will feel at home at this place; and there's no second guessing whether the food is authentic or not, but whether it's good or not is a matter of opinion. One thing for sure, it's a favorite watering hole; and if things get out of hand, you can always check yourself in at the police lockup a few shops down.

The best part of all the dishes for the evening was the stuffed Milk Fish (above). All the meat was scraped out, deboned, and then the remixed minced fish meat get stuffed back into the fish's skin. Great stuff. The side order of garlic rice was just dandy. The Sinagang soup is the same as Assam soup - clear broth and sour, but not the heat of Tom Yum. Next up was the winged beans fried with shrimp paste. Then it was the Filipino version of our Tau-Eu Kay (Soy Sauce Chicken). If you think Kare-Kare is curry, you'd be wrong. It's a bland peanut sauce spare ribs dish, with an anchovies type of dip that lends it the taste. The lady of the house said she wouldn't recommend it to the locals, as it's something getting used to.

Sinagang Na Hipon

Binagoongan Sigarilyas

Adobo Chicken

Pork Ribs Kare Kare

Inihaw Na Pusit

The stuffed calamari looked great, however, it preparation is something less desirable to some - it insides were sort of left in tact saved for its spine, thus making it slimy. Lastly the Pata was a disappointment - more like a failed attempt at making Sui Yuk (Crispy Pork Belly); looked crispy on the outside but a tough babe to crack - no crackle here.

Crispy Pata

Overall it wasn't a bad evening out. The price was reasonable, and the lady of the house very accommodating.

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Michelle said...

Hey, I'm placing a review on tripadvisor. May I please used a few of the food pics for the review? :)


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