Monday, September 10, 2007


Guinness Spare Ribs

Initially drove to Aheko for luch, but upon checking its offerings, decided to give it a miss. Made a short turn, and here I am at a new eatery. I think this place used to house a Taiwan-style cafe before. The place looks spanking new and well patronized; a good sign.

From the look of its menu, it has a wide range of selection to choose from; all priced from small to large portion. It's details like this that assures food
-ordering process with a peace of mind, without the worry whether one is going to burn a hole in one's pocket like those with 'seasonal pricing'.

We chose items that are the house specialty. The spare ribs are double-cooked: crisp on the skin from deep-frying, and then braised in the dark sauce. There isn't any hint of the stout flavor. The shrimp has the same treatment, and its sauce has a hint of curry, but it's not hot. Better than the ones from Sarawak Club; crispy shells that you can bite into and swallow them too. As for the vegetables, I have no idea why it's called four beans, unless you consider eggplant, Chinese cabbage and okra as beans. Not a bad combo!

On seeing the camera, the waitress asked: Ni mein na-li lai-ter? I replied: Zei-li lai ter! (Not that I know Mandarin).

4 drinks + food + 3 rice = RM40.60
Verdict : Veri Nice

Vietnamese Shrimps

Four Beans

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