Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Happy zhong qiu jie! Whether you celebrate it or not, it's an gluttonous excuse to fatten your booty! The Carpenter Street's Mid-Autumn activity is an annual affair, which helps liven an otherwise sleepy night street.

This trip was more of a photographic stroll, as I had just berbuka puasa. These are few samplings of the food and activities on the whole stretch of the street. Had it not been for the Muslim's fasting month, there is usually a strong Malay presence in terms of food and cultural performance at this all Chinese affair. Who needs a unity band here? If you don't have it in your heart, no amount of super glue will hold it together.

Kantong Making

Frying Sarawak Oh-Chien

Customary Lion Dance

Lamb Pancake

Grilled Vegetables

Chinese Musical Ensemble

Taiwan Sausages

Cheese Hot Dog With Ham

Malay Percussion Group

Ex-Comrade-In-Legs' Deep-Fried Sesame Buns

Seafood Wrap

Calligraphy In Progress

Non-Freeze Icicles

Deep Fried Battered Shrimps

Fried Fish • Lok-Lok • Steamed Peanuts

Street Dancers


Anonymous said...

nice one!!! keep going!!!!!!!!

Kong-Kay said...

try my best... do leave a moniker, so i know who i'm talking to even if i don't know you.

Anonymous said...

Hi kong-kay...it's a nice picture and a good try to tell us about the festival. do you have more picture about the festival?


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