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This is another recommendation from a reader... a less-than-obvious old haunt of a chicken rice shop. Although I traverse this route many a times, it has never occur to me that there's a chicken rice shop here... sure, there are a couple of better known ones farther down the road, of which I'll deal with later blogs.

This coffee shop still retains its old form; with a staircase near the front leading to living space on the upper floor. One thing that strikes me is that this is a Charbo Peng (all-girls trooper) enterprise. According to one of the girls, this chicken rice shop has been in existence since her great-grandpa's time, over 40 years now.

Here's the scenario: Arrived here after 2 p.m. on a Sunday, and there was another occupied table in an otherwise deserted coffee shop. I spied with my tiny eyes at the cut chicken breasts on the tray in the display window; seemed to be the only type of meat left. So I ordered "everything" for 3 persons, meaning a mix of every type of meat they had. There were braised eggs, braised duck, poached chicken breast and roast pork (Char Sui), with curry and soy sauce gravy and the sambal condiment. No chicken rice here... apparently ran out.

What can you say about chicken breast meat? There's not much praise you can heap on it, unless you're one of those who has a fetish for white meat. The Char Sui was the best part of the whole meal. Having not tasted it, I can't comment on the chicken rice; however, the huge Planta (margarine) sign on top of the display box is a dead giveaway. Health issue aside, wouldn't you rather taste the full flavor of chicken fat coated rice than a margarine color yellow rice?

And now, the clinker... RM30 for the whole - minus the 3 cans of drink, it worked out to be RM8.50 per person; the most expensive mixed meat rice I've ever had on this side of the China Sea. They must have mistaken us for Singaporean tourists.


DeV|LisH said...

No no they always charges that mahal and lucky urs just RM30. My record 2 persons RM25 hahahaa but u're lucky that u went at 2pm still got char siew. The best time to go is before 10am cos that time they got fat / lean char siew for u to choose from and of cos if SUNDAY u can order their curry chicken. It's only available on Sunday. Other day just curry soup which is different from the curry chicken style.

But this stall memang the most expensive cos normal rate the rice is RM5 per plate and just teeny weeny bit. But always go there due to the char siew since it's better and nicer than fang yuen's one.

Ditto said...

Oh look like Ah Lok, the old man had retired. Still cant figure out why so many of my Kch friends like their curry that much. To me, that's not curry at all but some chinese cooking gravy with the adding of curry powder.
This shop used to be a popular restaurant known as `Kong Ik' back in the 60/70s

Kong-Kay said...

you can say that again. i didn't even try the curry that came with the rice form the looks of it. sometimes it's like the lau-cheo-pai, people goes there because it was good in the good old days, but then the world moves on.... same like the one at carpenter street - ang lee (no relations to the famous director) - reviewing it will be a waste of resources - better let sleeping dogs lie.

if i want char sui, i'd go a proper bbq roast meat place like the one towards the end of the road (see friday's review). the best chicken rice is still the one at capital restaurant, sibu. it's the rice above anything else.


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