Monday, November 12, 2007


Saucy Chun Fun

This is a fairly new commercial shop lot at Stutong (Behind Tabuan Jaya), which was once a plot of squatters' colony, which mysteriously caught fire on fine morning. These rows of shops houses are mostly occupied by $2 bargain shops; that's what most of the economy thrives on. These shops are not to be scoffed at; some of them even accept credit card for any amount, whereas other better known supermarkets only accept cards with a minimum purchase of RM50.

I've highlighted the Chun Fun 'cos it's not one of those regular dishes you find in Sarawak, unlike the common-dity in Penang. And this one is different; it features cut rolled flat rice noodle, with pork infused thickened soy sauce and minced pork, topped with chopped peanuts and green onions. Yuummms!

Hu-Hay-Mauy (Fish & Shrimp Porridge)

The rest can't be say for the rest of the stuff. The seafood porridge has the unusual ingredient of salted black beans added; it gives a salty fermented taste to the dish, which masks out the natural taste of the seafood. Why do that? The braised duck (Loh-Ark) is just average.

Loh-Ark Rice

Own-Made Sarawak Laksa

This Laksa needs to grow on you... it's not the usual Swallow Brand concoction of a paste. It has a rather strong flavor on certain spices, which need getting used to. Same as the Min Heng coffeeshop's, which I had almost daily once upon a time; but when I was back to the place few months back, it somehow needed re-acquaintances to its Laksa's pique flavor.


janice said...

i recommend the fried bee hoon there.. we always go there for lunch.

Kong-Kay said...

from the back kitchen?


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