Monday, November 26, 2007


Hors D'oeuvre Platter

Deja Vu? Looks like it... the dishes were almost identical except of the ingredients used. The above dish had shrimps as substitute instead of lobster salad, the fish below (½ steamed, ½ fried) is cheaper than the one served before, and the shark's fin is of different grade (you notice it's not served on individual heated bowl).

Double Flavor Promfet

We had 12 persons in this sitting, whereas there were only 10 the last time. 7 dishes as opposed to 5, excluding the fruits dish. After being twice here and seeing the dishes presented, it makes you wonder whether the chef has pulled out all his tricks.

Shark's Fin Soup

Suckling Piglet

Sea Cucumber

The shrimps below are ½ portion sautéed with almond, and ½ portion grilled with cheese.

Double Flavor Shrimps

The Sweet Yam dessert (below) is a variation on the Teochew's; the glutinous rice counter-acts on the sweetness of the yam paste... not too sweet though.

O-Ni (Yam) With Glutinous Rice with Peanut Sprinkle


IguanaKia said...

Suckling Piglet....nice..nice.

Mark said...

where is Golden Happiness?? Never heard of it leh...

Kong-Kay said...

iguanakia: amen!

mark:off lanang rd.,sibu


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