Monday, November 05, 2007


Fried Fish In Tomato Sauce

It's one of those unplanned trip that didn't go quite as planned. The catch of going to this out-of-town seaside town, about 90 km. from Kuching, is to get catch of the day from its fish market. Well, it started on a gloomy morning in Kuching, and we were told the weather might be different there. Tried to contact the fishmonger there, but no one answered the phone. Proceed with the journey we did... it was drizzling most of the way. By the time we got there it was almost noon. The fishmonger was nowhere to be found; still on Raya mood I guess (this was the week after the Muslim new year). Empty-handed except for some local vegetables, we parked the car behind the newly renovated temple (work is still in progress).

O-Chien (Oyster Omelette)

We settled for this row of single-storey eateries next to the bus station, with a Chinese temple in front. All the stalls have no name, except for the huge drinks-sponsored signage hanging over their doors. Lunch was to be had at the right corner stall, ran by a husband-wife team. People call him Ah Soon, but actually his name is Ah Hieng; Ah Soon is the name of his old shop that has been associated with him. The missus did the cooking and money collection this time round, while Ah Soon tried to fool us into believing he's just the kitchen help. Why? The answer may lie in the question I posed on its nameless stall. The IRS, he said. Go figure!

Fried Mani Chai With Egg

The 3 plates of fish, omelette, vegetable and 2 plates of rice came to RM25. The omelette is not the thin crispy type but more of the starchy ordinary omelette one. The fish cutlets in tomato sauce were crisply fried, and the Mani Chai was too wet to our liking. There's no doubt the seafood is fresh here. If we'd gotten seafood on this trip, the journey would have been worth it. But then it wasn't a total loss... during the course of our conversation, Ah Soon offered valuable pointers on storing shrimps and fish in the freezer.

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cooknengr said...

I'll take the too wet Mani chai!


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