Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Bee Pau Bee

If you're ever in a ditsy over what to serve for tea in Kuching, this place's Nonya Kueh might be up your alley. It may not be the best to be had in town, but the variety will surely quench your appetite for all things glutinous. These are some of its offerings.

This cottage industry is located in the housing estate of Kenyalang Park. If you approach from Simpang Tiga, it's the 1st turn on the right at Jalan Datuk Amar Sim Kheng Hong, then the first left at Lorong Sim Kheng Hong Selatan. Look out for a maroon/yellow corner house with a public parking lot at the side. If you come in from the opposite direction of Chawan Road, take a left turn after the market, just before the traffic light. Or you can simply park your car at the bus stop (circle above) and enter the corner house behind it.

Pulut Panggang

Chai Kueh

Ang Ku

Whatchamacallit! Anyone?


Tham Chiak said...

oh thank you, thank you! I've been looking for this house for ages. Haha. Do they take walk-in customers, or would I have to order in advance?

Kong-Kay said...

pay them a visit before lunch time when most of its kueh would have rolled out (i presume), or before they are carted away. ask them the best time to visit ... they do walk- ins.

Di said...

this place is so near my home in kenyalang, i miss kuching!!

Kong-Kay said...

di, shouldn't you be back already for the holiday?

dan said...

Hi, these kuihs look strikingly similar to those sold at Yung Kong coffee shop in Kenyalang. Anyone also thinks the coffee shop takes their kuih supply from this kuih maker?

Kho Bee Ghek said...

im looking for kuih supplier, my phone number is 0128877055. Thank q


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