Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Crispy Pig's Trotter

We're usually not that Thiam Chiak (gormandizing) to have something after 9. But being in a different town and press for time, I, one way or the other, have to squeeze in this in the name of culinary exploration, or rather exploitation. Why? 'Cos I'm not paying.

Ah Lee has been harping about the crispy pig's trotter ever since my last visit. Apparently he and Ah Kow have been on a culinary quest to find the best crispy trotter in town, and this is it... so they say, and that the service is pretty swift considering its large expanse of a coffee shop type restaurant. Tonight is the night... the moment of truth!

Dried Chillies Cockles

This place is behind the bus station. If those of you who had been reading Sixthseal would have noticed that this is the place that serves the RM13 crab. Being foodgaltarians, Sibu folks sure know where a bargain is to be had. Sad to say, the crabs weren't available, and the price is no longer at RM13 per kilogram.

Fried Tofu Salad

The service was pronto, pronto... must be an assembly line back in the kitchen. The pig's trotter didn't live up to expectation. Although the meat was tender (soda bicarbonate & baking powder?), the rest of it barely survived the criticism by the skin of its teeth. It seemed the fire was too big - it browned the trotter on the outside too fast before it had a chance to crackle.

Rather than just having one dish, the cockles was another munchies for those beer gushers. Then we spotted those golden brown balls being carried to another table. Out of curiosity we ordered a plate. It's more like a deep-fried tofu dough, which is later dosed with salad cream. If those familiar with the Foochow Chee-Pian (
fried patties made with blended soy beans and rice flour batter and chives) will recognize the similarity here. Again like the trotter, it looked golden brown on the outside, but under-cooked on the inside - one floury mushy mess that was totally inedible. I think we only partially touched 3; Ah Lee doggy bagged the rest.... I wonder if the dog barfed upon eating them.

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