Thursday, December 13, 2007


Another place that's got more funk than spunk; but beyond its bold red accent counter's wall, it's more style over substance.

The food is just a redressing of old glam food and putting a new twist to it. Taste-wise, it's not frugal on some of the spices and ingredients used, but on the other hand there are others that leaves a lot to be desired, like the bacon bits toast. Somehow you'd wish they use the real thing rather than that shake-a-bacon-bits from the bottle. But for the price you pay, this is what you get!

Assam Laksa

The Assam Laksa has the rich and tarty flavor with all the expected ingredients except the Hai-Ko (black shrimp sauce). The fried koay teow like its Penang's counterpart is small in portion with all the bevy of cockles and chives - nicely presented on a basket.

Fried Koay Teow

Bacon & Salmon Spread Toast

The out-of-the-bottle experience of a toast - where's the real thing? The coffin shaped/named receptacle contains one helluva curry! Full of flavor with bountiful herb and spices to match - some may find it too pungent. Only thing is that the toast was really toasted, of which the owner was apologetic - I think it was the fact that I was taking photos and not anything else; whether it looks good or not, it's the only photo I have.

Curry Pork Guan Cai-Ban


Anonymous said...

Those drinks in the first picture made me rather thirsty. What were they?

Nothing as mundane as iced tea or lemonade I'm guessing.

Kong-Kay said...

rebranded ice lemon tea variations and lemon kopi "o".

tze said...

Is Jln Petanak in town area? I used to drop by but I'm not familiar with Kuching.

Kong-Kay said...

this place is after the roundabout after the petanak market. block of yellow building.

Anonymous said...

I miss this cafe so much~~
but it closed a long time already..
last time i always hanging around there..
can say that u can find me around thr everydays..
it's closed..
sob sob T_T

Kong-Kay said...

i know, i know. hear the owner open the 'tarot (something)' at bormill. been there once for drinks, so can't say any similarity of the food.

Anonymous said...

nope!!!The cafe named TAROT is not the same owner..The boss of 2 Banana jz bought the concept from her.She already back to KL....

Kong-Kay said...

so you know more than i do....{:(


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