Saturday, January 19, 2008


My visit to this town wouldn't be complete without a courtesy call to this Kampua Mee shop. Mostly it's the same old, same old... dark soy sauce Kampua, sometimes with pork liver soup or beef tripe.

There's this Kongkay-in-training commented once : "Why bother to take all the photos when the chicken rice looks the same as the last one?" True, true, you wouldn't notice if I pass off last year's photo as new, would you? So I'd better throw in a few "action" (actioner permitting) photos to put things in perspective. The man at the helm has put a couple of kids through college in Australia... lest we forget the significance of such mundane labor. The wife was commenting on the low pay offered by the local companies for his son's accountancy job - starting pay RM800!!! You can get paid that amount by not advancing oneself in studies overseas. Even selling Kampua beats that paltry sum.

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