Thursday, February 07, 2008


Longevity Buns

This is eye candy for the festive season... I've featured this restaurant twice already; and each time the dishes are a bit different from the last. I'm sure a lot of you have encountered the same regiment of food served at every banquet you attend - it's like a pattern, and most of the time it's become a bore to be at such functions. Most of the time you have no idea who you are sitting next to, and conversation can be trite.

The photos of the food are shown in the order they were served. Surprisingly, they served the birthday buns first (usually the second last, before the fruits)... it prevented a lot of runwaway-guests towards the end of the dinner
(threw them off guard) - a common practice whereby guests leave before the last dish is served so as to avoid the exiting crowd.

Chicken Mee Suah Soup

Hors d’oeuvres Platter

Fried Crispy Cod With Chilli Garlic Dip

Wonton Wrap Package With Mustard Green

Crispy Skinned Duck With Mantou Bins

Vietnamese Shrimps

Like most banquet, there number of dishes served has a auspicious tone to it - in this case, 8 (fruits not shown). There is the mandatory noodle dish for birthdays, cold dish, fish, shrimps and meat dishes. The roast duck was hot-oil drenched before being served to give it a crispy skin. What was underneath the chopped duck was something unexpected - steamed Chinese pumpkin cake (Kim Quah Kueh), a bit like the white radish or yam cake you get at Dim-Sum, but tastier. It's refreshing to see something different on a banquet table - not the same old, same old. Don't you wish that your usual restaurant wouldn't throw the same stale menu at you time after time?

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