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As we were approaching our destination, Ah Kow was heard barking into his phone: "Ti S'nua Tain Chiak Chew (Having a feast in the country)!" That's about summed up the scenario for what we were about to have. Everyone in the SUV were like out-of-towners venturing into the unknown... none ever had the country dining experience like this before. It was the wedding dinner of the heir apparent to the PiPa Duck dynasty in Sarikei.

As we were on our way up to dining area on the second floor, we passed by the open-kitchen on the ground floor; it even extended to the side road, where the shrimps were deep fried.

Below are the food in the order they were served. An oddity was the ice cream cup (top left) from KFC, dished out after the fruits were served.

Hors-d'oeuvre Platter

Fried Shark's Fin

Steamed Promfret

Deep Fried Shrimps

Sea Cucumber Vegetables

Herbal Stuffed Chicken

Deep Fried Pork Leg

Pastry For Bride's Close Relatives

Is the food any different? I don't think so, only lacking the finesse of dressing up. The Last photo show the customary gift pack of pastries for the bride's relatives; a Cantonese practice, I gather.

Speaking of Chinese practices, a stand-in (normally a kins person) gets to attend a dinner when the invited elders can't make it. Ah Kow took such practice to the next plateau; neither was he invited nor was he acquainted to the wedding parties. It so happened one of the #13 kaki had a prior toastmasters' engagement, and it was suggested he'd be the stand-in than rather be left alone twirling his thumbs that evening. Anything goes...

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