Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This looks like a tourist trap, feels like one, smells like one and located within the major hotels district. But is it?

This is a first-timer for us at this particular eatery, and it is the third nearest to the main lift as you exited at level 6. If you're clueless on this place, the pull and cajoling from the eatery's helpers will nudge you towards this place.

This particular eatery has another 2 branches at King's Centre and Jalan Song Commercial Complex (this one is the cheapest, I hear). Like most of the seafood places, the food on offer doesn't veer far from the norm. We had had sour sea cucumber soup (top left), 2 seafood and a vegetable. The bill came to RM66 for a meal for 4 persons. Whether it's expensive or not, you be the judge. There isn't anything to fault on the cooking or service. Despite the crowd, the wait for the food to be served wasn't shabby; it's more of the case of quickly shoving you off to make way for the in coming crowd. Whatever perception one has of this place, you can safely leave it at home and dine with a whole new perspective.

Curry Bamboo Clams

Vietnamese Shrimps

Fried Kailan With Garlic


Anonymous said...

Dear ,
Have u ever try food at FOOK XING RESTAURANT? The pricing should be cheaper than the rest. Previously located at ellis road but now they have move to sekama road. Where u can find it behind the ktv building. Wouldn't miss it actually cos they actually got put the directions for public to follow.

Kong-Kay said...

i have tried once upon a time... this is the second time i've received this tip; btw, are you doing pr job for the restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Nice to read about Ling Long Rest. My fmly & I usually go to the one in King's Centre. Fresh, delicious food with quite reasonable price.

I loved sotong. LLR served the best 'butter sotong' IMHO :)


Kong-Kay said...

yup, been there last week... have it posted as soon as i write it up. will give the sotong a try next time.

cooknengr said...

We paid $120 for two at Ling Long, but worth it loh, we don't have 7 star cod here.

I tot their service was the best amongst all food court. The Ah Moy was very polite and attentive.

cooknengr said...

Oh, borrow you chap kong kay again for a post. Hope you don't mind where I put it at.

Kong-Kay said...

you wore your cowboy hat, didn't you? now you know why you paid the price you did. if i were to go around town wearing a penan hat, people will call me a "sakai san".

cod is over-rated... i remember it as common fodder for fish and chips, and nowadays we pay top dollars for it.


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