Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Roaster Rice Set A

When I saw this place under renovation a month back, I was thinking: "Someone's gonna eat grass!" (expression for 'on the loosing end'). After all this rotisserie chicken place is located 2 doors away from Kenny Rogers Roaster. One's an international franchise while this one is a local one, which one would you choose?

I was at this mall over the weekend, and this roaster was packed, while the next door was swatting flies. You know how it is when everyone tried to have a piece of the action... so here I was again on a weekday for lunch, as usual at around 3 p.m. Next door had one table, and this one had 4, including ours.

One thing for sure, this place serves fare that is more acceptable to the local palate in terms of pricing. Its cheapest starts at RM7.90... it makes you want to go next door and serenade : "But I could have told you, Vincent, this world was never meant to have more rotisserie than one."

The meal we had cost about half of what we had the last time next door. But like our beloved ("beloved" 'cos he has a fan club) prime minister would said: "It's like comparing apples to grapes." So any comparison wouldn't be fair... you have to savor it to cast your judgment.

PrimeRoast Steak Set D


Amy Cynthia said...

the chick looks so tasty lar...but Rasa Mas is not in KK yet...huhuhu

Kong-Kay said...

fly here on the cheap flight. btw, i'll be in kk middle of the year... might need help on the food dept.; totally clueless.


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