Monday, April 21, 2008


Pandan Chicken

When this place first opened a few months ago, it offered free dessert for meals purchased; I for one, an ever-eager beaver, failed to get an entry due to the crowd. And this visit was a month later after the fact. It was empty saved for 2 occupied tables. Such is the reality of the situation - it's not that the food or service is bad or anything like that. It's just too many eateries chasing to few customers, and the ever increasing price of food and drinks isn't helping much to ease the situation.

Japanese Style Sizzling Hot Plate Noodle

As the name indicates, the place offers food from the different regions of Asia. Somehow, we invariably picked a mostly Thai themed dinner, except for the noodle. Price wise they are not too expensive - ranges from RM3+ to RM6+. Then comes the clinker - the price of the drinks; it gobbles more than half our dining budget.

Papaya Salad

As for taste, it has the authenticity, and its presentation can be described as neat. It doesn't pull any punches when it come to the heat factor. Coupled with its clean line decor, with its no fuss kinda food, this makes a very pleasant dining experience.

Belacan Fried Rice

Tom Yam Fried Rice

Fried Fish Patties

It's a pity this almost new shopping block has been relegated to an almost 'has-been' within a span of few months of its existence. And this eatery is like a lil' engine that could...


pakistani recipes said...

all dishes pics awesome but where is recipes? and fried patties looking amezinggg

keep it up!

Kong-Kay said...

This is a dinner at a restaurant called "Asian Recipe". You can contribute "recipes" with pictures if you care to.


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