Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Chiang Duck

Tsui Hua Lau is dead! Long live Tsui Hua Lau (in spirit at least)! That's how to best describe the resurrection of the venerable Chinese restaurant, which most Kuchingnites have some inkling. This is the new setup headed by the head chef of the former restaurant that sank like the Titanic after being bought over by some lady from Bintangor; which goes to show that money can't buy everything; no matter how deep your pocket is, eventually you will hit rock bottom.

Fried Longbeans With Minced Pork

The chef continues the tradition of the old restaurant by offering its same signature dishes, like the soft and fragrant longbeans (above) and the steamed Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables. The food is as good as it used to be with a price which is within the old structure. There isn't any cause to reminisce on the good old days, as it seems as though they never left. Even some of its old matire 'ds are back in force.

Claypot Home-Made Soft Tofu

Steamed Cod

Cao Rou (Pork Belly With Preserved Chow Chai)

Kay Si Mee (Shredded Chicken Noodle)

Our company of 5 was not big enough to warrant any advance order of special dishes; so we had to make do with whatever was on offer for walk-in guests. It is advisable to have reservation, as this was our 4th attempt at getting a table, only after booking the morning prior.


Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for this review. I was just thinking of bring the parents for a nice makan and this was one of the nominated outlet.

I once tried their stuffed crabs and also 'chow-pai' prawns. yummy.


Kong-Kay said...

have'nt looked at their menu to source out their specialty or things out of the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kong-Kay, thanks for the review. Do you have any pictures of the place? I am currently overseas but was recommended this place (or the Banquet) by someone for wedding dinner. Just want to compare. :)

Kong-Kay said...

I don't have any photos of the interior of heritage. It's a rather small place, 2 shoplots. Whereas the Banquet is many times bigger. If you long for Tsui Hua Lau's food, Heritage is the place.

nickki said...

do you have the contact number?

Kong-Kay said...

nope, just drive there.

堕落天使 - 阿俊 said...

I had my wedding dinner there on Sep 13 last year.

Kong-Kay said...

congrats! how many tables can they fit in the place?

堕落天使 - 阿俊 said...

Thanks :)
Depending on the table arrangement, from 12 to 16.

堕落天使 - 阿俊 said...

here's the phone number
+6 082 252627

elaine said...

Do u have any valentine dinner sets for this coming valentine celebration ? I would like to book for 2 couples on the 13th Feb 2012 night.

Kong-Kay said...

elaine: you'll to call the restaurant yourself. this site doesn't represent any particular restaurant or eatery.


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