Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here I was for the second time for brunch at 11:15 a.m.... what do you know? The first dish I wanted wasn't even ready. So had to settle for the more familiar ones. And this place is quite sparse of customers for a holiday. I noticed a few stalls has gone to the dogs since its opening about 2 months ago. Such is the reality doing business in Kuching... there isn't more than meets the eyes, especially with a over RM2000 rent, plus over RM100 for the use of the cash machine, on top of the 12% cut from sales.

We had a set meal (left/below) consisting of Beef Rendang, Telur Balado, Sayur Lodeh and Keropok. The Rendang is a bit too dry, lacking a gravy - it's like a tenderized version of the beef jerky. The Telur Balado is like Acar egg or Thai's Son-In-Law's Egg sans sans the sauce, but with lots of chopped pickled chillies. Sayur Lodeh is the bowl of sour vegetable soup, which doesn't have the spiciness of Tom-Yam, and more akin to the Filipino Sinagang. Well, Keropok, for those who need translation, is shrimp crackers. It's an unfulfilling RM7.50 meal.

The Nasi Goreng Kampung (below), which I had a bite of the fried rice, but not the fried chicken, seemed like a better and cheaper deal. It's rice fried with kicap manis with a strong hint of pound dried shrimp. The other accompaniment, apart from the fried chicken and egg and keropok, is the pickled cucumber and carrot.

Maybe the expectation is a bit high when coming to a joint like this... when style doesn't gel with substance, you'll bound to get unequal vocal quiver.

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