Friday, April 25, 2008


Steamed Chow Chai Pork Belly

When I attach a number to the head tag, you can expect future visits to this place... in fact I have about 70 posts with photos in various stages of composition. So if you guys thought you saw me yesterday at this place, you'd be wrong. Most of my posts are a few days, weeks or even months old... the only post that was done on the same morning was the opening of Mrs. Tan's place - right after I had breakfast there. So much with my work flow... on with dining at Wang Seng.

Steamed Fish Cutlet

This time 'round we finally had some seafood. Like I said before, the selection of seafood is limited, and sometimes they run out of the listed items. The steamed fish was fresh and good; however, the shrimps was below expectation - it's in the cooking, not the quality of the shrimps.

Fried Salted Shrimps

As expected, we had the signature mushroom dish, as we had a newcomer in the group. And the most common comment we get is: "It tastes like chicken."

The Hakka Steamed Pork Belly with preserved vegetable is quite outstanding. It seems you can't really fault this dish prepared by out-of-towners... it's almost like second nature to them - every one tastes as good as the last one or the next-door neighbor's.

Buttered Mushroom

And if you're into out-of-town experience, this is it... without burning too much gas!


My Food Adventure said...

Where's the exact location??

Kong-Kay said...

from kuching, go past 10th mile padawan, i think the next traffic light make a u turn back to town. it next to a proton dealer or workshop.

My Food Adventure said...

Thanks Kong-kay!


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