Monday, May 12, 2008


Manhattan Fish & Chips

Got this 'Buy 1 Get 1' promo from my telco for this seafood franchise. Armed with 2 spams, we headed for the outlet at the Spring. There was quite a crowd on that particular evening. It was our first visit to this place, and true to its name, it serves only critters from the sea.

We ordered 2 sets of its namesake's fish & chips, meaning a total of 4 with the spam offer, plus another Alaskan Pollock & chips, one salad and a basket of garlic bread.

The thing about this place is that although the price of its food borders on reasonable scale, they stiff you on its drinks; the bottomless drinks cost is almost RM7, meaning you've to have at least another 5 refills to get a fair shake of the deal, which makes you look silly. We opted for the a drink & soup of the day (mushroom) deal, which is RM9 each; for 5, it came almost RM45! Either way it was between a rock and a hard place, and we chose one that was a bit cushioned. Of course, one can opt for the mineral water at around RM2 per bottle.

Alaskan Pollock & Chips

There's something dodgy about this place... although they noted our spam for the 2 free fish, but when the check came, we were billed the full amount (RM150+). Make doubly sure that you go through the check before paying. Another thing, we noticed that there was an offer of free personalized ice cream for mothers in conjunction with mother's day, after paying the check; we asked for it, and the curt reply was: " You want it, ah!!! Of course, we want it, and we had 2 mothers at the table. However, they only allowed one miserable personalized ice cream per table in the form of a single scoop ice cream with whipped cream and cherry on it. Big deal!!!

Never again!

Caesar's Salad

What about the food, you might ask? Well, if these guys haven't got frying their fish pat down to science, they wouldn't be in the business of opening a franchise. I guess these guys haven't heard of the fish & chips franchise (and they have deep pockets too) near the Satok Bridge that went belly up after the initial euphoria. Or was the spam from the telco a plea for help?


Anonymous said...

Dont give up on them yet. You must one day try their garlic mussels. It's very yummy delicious :)

The fish & chip outlet that went bust near satok bridge - that would be Capt Morgan??


Kong-Kay said...

if you treat i'll come. it's not capt. morgan, which was at wisma ho poh.


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